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NEWMicrophone does not work correctly.

If you selected ‘Don’t Allow’ to the message asking “Tuner would like to access the microphone” when initially starting the app, the microphone will not work correctly with the Touch Tuner app.

To resolve this issue, please adjust your device’s privacy settings:

  1. Select the device’s Settings function.
  2. Tap Privacy.
  3. Select Microphone.
  4. A list of applications that have requested access to the microphone will be shown. Find the Tuner app and enable microphone access by tapping the slider.
Sound breaks up or the screen ‘jumps’ irregularly.
Quit other apps running or pausing in the background.
In addition, try turning off unnecessary display features in the device settings.
Operation is behaving poorly or quits unexpectedly.
Shut down your device and restart in order to resolve insufficient memory problems.
While the pitch pipe was sounding, suddenly no sound is produced.
Select tuner mode, then return again to pitch pipe mode.
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