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Main Features

Library Screen

  • Create and select score templates for frequently used tempo, tone, and beat settings
  • Automatically import eScore*1 music shared via iTunes *2 Excluding free version
  • Duplicate scores *2 Excluding free version
  • Sort scores by date & time, title, no. of pages
  • Send scores via email in eScore*2, PDF, SMF, and Music XML formats
  • Open eScore*2, PDF, SMF, and Music XML formats in other apps
  • Print scores to available AirScore printers in PDF*2 format
  • View a preview of each score prior to opening

*1 eScore files edited with other applications cannot be imported.

*2 The free version of Touch Notation restricts the number of scores that can be stored in the library to one piece. In addition, eScore files cannot be emailed, shared via iTunes, or opened in other apps, and PDF scores will be watermarked with the words ‘Touch Notation Free’ on each page.

Score Editing Screen

  • Two input modes: Note input, Memo input
  • Spacing tool, Transpose tool, Selection properties
  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • Play score (start/stop/rewind)
  • Navigation view (page selection, zoom in/out)

Play Controls

  • Master Tempo
  • Loop Play
  • Metronome (on/off, volume)
  • Part control (on/off, volume, panning, voice)

Application Settings

  • Automatic Saving frequency
  • Global pitch/tuning adjust (392~466 Hz)
  • Wrist guard (right handed/left handed)

Hand-writing Recognition

  • Hand-written musical symbol input (see list below)
  • Select musical symbol (frame and encircling with freehand)
  • Delete musical symbol (x or erase gesture)
  • Add part (+ gesture)
  • Remove part (x gesture)
  • Play specified measure (right triangle or > gesture) *Only right triangle in free version
  • Comments and notes (freehand)

Recognised Musical Symbols

  • Notes (whole note~64th note, dotted, double-dotted)
  • Rest (whole rest~64th rest, dotted, double-dotted)
  • Multimeasure Rest
  • Tuplet (automatic numbering), Beaming
  • Accidentals (5 types: #, b, etc.)
  • Tie, Slur
  • Accent, Staccato, Tenuto, Fermata
  • Trill, sfz, Arpeggio, Pedal, Senza
  • Metronome symbol
  • Crescendo, Decrescendo
  • Dynamics symbols (ppp, pp, p, mp, mf f, ff, fff)
  • Octave symbol
  • Repeat brackets
  • Repeat marks (D.C./Fine/D.S./Segno/Coda/to Coda)
  • Clefs (Treble Clef/Bass Clef/Alto Clef)
  • Key signature
  • Time signature
  • Bar lines (repeat marks)
  • Abbreviation *Excluding free version
  • Grace Note (First enter them as regular notes, then select those notes and change them to grace notes.) *Excluding free version

Musical Expressions

  • Preset expressions (tempo, dynamics)
  • User expressions (name, font, speed, dynamics, etc.)

Score Templates

Solo score, piano score, ensemble score, octet notation, chorus notation, band score (total 28 types) *total 23 types in free version

Built-in Tones

30 tones built-in:

Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Church Organ, Jazz Organ, Harpsichord, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax,, Trumpet, Trombone, Horn, Tuba, Violin, Viola, Cello, Contrabass, Nylon Guitar, Electric Guitar, Wood Bass, Electric Bassk, Harp, Recorder, Harmonica, Vibraphone, Female Voice, Male Voice, Sound Effects


Simple use, Advanced Explanations, Hand-written input recognition animations, Troubleshooting, Support page link

Important Points

  • Symbols other than those listed above cannot be entered.
  • Entering rhythm notation, tab notation etc. is not supported.
    Drum notation is supported. *Excluding free version
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